Map Gallery/Poster Session

You are invited to participate in the fourth annual NW PA GIS Conference Map/Poster contest on October 17th at the NW PA GIS Conference in Clarion University. We will be having all the posters displayed in the main assembly room for Thursday.  To register please visit the following site:  If you should have any questions regarding the map/poster session, contact Arlene Rodriguez at:  Below are a few helpful tips and details for those who may be interested in submitting a poster. Register your map/poster now.

Details and Tips: 

  • GIS should be used effectively to portray spatial data in an appropriate state.
  • Be creative by using new and/or innovative ideas.
  • The poster can be a map itself.  There is no need to have a narrative.
  • Proofread and make sure grammar, spelling and punctuations are used correctly (if narrative is presented)
  • Visual flow of information and graphics should be logical
  • Text font, size, figures, tables and graphics appropriate, clear and legible from a distance.
  • The color coordination, geometry, accents, highlights, and graphics should have a visual appeal
  • Communication should be effective in that the topic is well defined, appropriate title be used, understandable and concise purpose, problem statement, description, procedures, results, and conclusion. 
    • Recommended size of poster is 24 x 36 or larger. Rodriguez at

    **Please pick up (either yourself/friend/family or coworker) maps/posters on Thursday after the last session.  

    *If you want to put a map up for display and not participate in the contest please contact Arlene.

    * The winner of the poster session will receive a (TBA) and their poster will be displayed for all to see in the hall where the exhibitors will be set up. Winner should pick up poster at Noon on Friday (if not available, please make arrangements).

    Poster Session is Sponsored by: